On May 16th from 11.00 to 12.00 at the BTA there will be a press conference regarding the completion of the project "Interactive training of children pedestrians to prevent from accidents with vehicles”, developed and carried out in partnership with the Department of Traffic Police and the Sofia Municipality. Presented at the pressconference will be the project activities and number of children who participated in it.

        Also, during the press conference children involved in the competition on under the theme of: "Pedestrians in Sofia in children's eyes." will be awarded. The jury of the contest is under the chairmanship of Mr. Bojidar Ikonomov, organizer and President of the International Trienale of the Stage Poster.

The project "Interactive training of children pedestrians to prevent accidents with vehicles was developed with funding from the “PESTRIANS” Foundation and with the financial support of SBDDS and sponsorship of ZADArmeec. Media partners of the project are the magazines: "Our Home", "The Woman Today" and "Health

        During the press conference will be announced the new initiative of the "Pedestrians" Foundation "Reducing road accidents through education and social responsibility in young participants in traffic. The initiative will be implemented in partnership with the Bulgarian Business Leaders Forum and the Center for Training Firms. The number of participants in the project is targeted to be over 3 500 students from secondary schools and 15 000 students from primary schools.