On 11th of March Foundation Pedestrians run its homepage with some modifications und new outlook. This will make the access to the information of the homepage easier for all visitors .

        Dear friends our main objective is to help you with information and useful projects. To achieve this aims we have had to reface our homepage. Now that is done and we are proud to report about the modifications:

- We have a new internet platform, which will allow us to update information easier and quickly.

- A new outlook – all news and projects can be opened in new window. This will make the information clearly.

- All users, that don’t have enough time to search for all new information can use RSS to get the latest news.

- Our blog was also modified. Now all spam machines are blocked.


      Because of the changes on our forum we lost the registration of the users and also everything that was written in the forum. We are sorry about that.

      Soon we will  surprise you with some new projects, which will help us to make our everyday life easier and more comfortable.